The Internet Schools GOP Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel About Robert E. Lee And Slavery

Historians pointed out to the Mississippi politician that the Confederate general was quite brutal to his slaves.

Republican Chris McDaniel, running to represent Mississippi in the U.S. Senate, got a history lesson on Wednesday night ― one he probably didn’t want.

It came after McDaniel posted a revisionist tweet about Robert E. Lee that whitewashed the Confederate general’s view of slavery. 

It’s a good thing there wasn’t a test, because McDaniel would have failed, according to Princeton historian Kevin M. Kruse, who challenged McDaniel’s statement.

And unlike McDaniel, Kruse backed up his account with documentation.

Others were quick to pile on, joining the criticism of McDaniel’s revisionism.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper joined in on the history lesson, asking McDaniel to read a New York Times story about a letter Lee sent the paper in 1858 discussing slavery.



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