Chris Messina On The Criticism 'The Mindy Project' Wouldn't Get If It Was 'A Man's Show'

If you didn't think Chris Messina was the most adorable guy on the planet before, you probably will now.

The "Mindy Project" actor joined HuffPost Live on Friday to offer a genuine apology for breaking Mindy Lahiri's heart, give insight as to what we can expect for the rest of the season, and talk about how pretty he thinks his co-star is.

"I apologize to the fans but there's a lot of good stuff to come," he told host Ricky Camilleri. "You get to see my character feel terrible and find his way back to Mindy."

Camilleri also brought up a common critique of "The Mindy Project" -- that Mindy's love interests are "too attractive." Messina explained that he finds that particular criticism to be gendered.

"I think Mindy Kaling's beautiful," he said, "and why not have some handsome guys with her? And I agree -- if it was a man's show [this wouldn't be an issue]."

Chris Messina's directorial debut, "Alex of Venice" premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, April 19th.



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