Chris Murphy Ignores Donald Trump's NRA Speech, Remembers Victims Of Gun Violence Instead

Murphy is an outspoken critic of gun violence.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), an outspoken critic of gun violence since the Sandy Hook massacre took place in his home state, ignored President Donald Trump’s remarks to the National Rifle Association on Friday.

Instead of listening to the president, Murphy put his focus on victims of gun violence, tweeting out photos of people killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School; in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado; on the streets of Chicago; and more.

Murphy posted 11 photos of gun violence victims. Many were killed in shootings that made national headlines, like Alison Parker, a news reporter who was shot and killed on live television in 2015.

Murphy noted that 90 percent of Americans have said they would support expanded background checks for gun buyers, reflecting the overwhelming support many polls have shown in the years since the Sandy Hook massacre.



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