Chris Paul On Family Feud: Hornets Point Guard Appears On Game Show (VIDEO)

Tuesday was supposed to mark the opening of 2011-12 NBA season, but despite the fact that there was no NBA basketball taking place, New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul still found a way to run the point... on Family Feud.

We probably shouldn't be surprised at this point by how NBA players are occupying their extended free time -- on Monday night Kevin Durant played on a flag football team with a fraternity from Oklahoma State -- but admittedly, Chris Paul appearing of The Feud did catch us a little off, for lack of a better term, guard.

We posted a video above with some of the highlights from the show.

Although his family didn't get to compete in the "Fast Money" bonus round, we're going to venture to guess that despite the lockout, Paul's family likely wasn't hurting for the $20,000 they could have potentially won.

The point guard has kept busy this off-season appearing in numerous charity exhibition games and getting married to his college sweetheart Jada Crawley last month.

Paul was on Twitter yesterday as the episode aired making commentary on the absurd answers thrown around by both teams, at one point tweeting, "She was REAL QUICK to say" But in the end, regardless of not winning the game, Paul got to scratch off an important entry on his bucket list.


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