Chris Paul Crossed Delly So Hard He Disappeared Off The Screen

We still love you though, Delly.

Wow, how long ago does it feel since Matthew "dirtiest player in the league" Dellavedova took the league by storm in last year's playoffs? 

By all accounts, Dellavedova is still in the league, but he disappeared from it briefly on Thursday when Chris Paul crossed him so hard that he fell off one Vine user's screen. For a moment, we considered filing a missing-person report. 

Where did he go?
Where did he go?

Even if you back that picture up a little, Delly still feels miles away from Paul by the time his body finally stops flying across the floor. 

Delly's Cleveland Cavaliers beat Paul's LA Clippers, 115-112, and Paul didn't even make the jumper, but if you don't know who truly won the night, you don't know basketball. We still love you though, Delly. See you in the finals. 


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