Chris Paul's Son Does 'Blake Face' At Press Conference After Clippers-Grizzlies Game 3 (VIDEO)

WATCH: Chris Paul's Son Does 'The Blake Face'

First Glen Davis's daughter co-starred in a post-game press conference. Then Chris Paul's son grabbed a share of the spotlight. The NBA Playoffs are becoming quite adorable.

Following the Clippers' hard-fought victory over the Grizzlies in Game 3, CP3 brought his 2-year-old, also named Chris, to his postgame press conference. Accompanied by Blake Griffin, Paul was asked about a play in which he dished it to the first-time All-Star on the baseline for a monster dunk with less than two minutes remaining to put L.A. up by four.

In the middle of Paul's response, he turned to his son sitting on his lap and told him to "make the Blake face," which is apparently the face Griffin makes when he wants the ball down low.

Paul's son then lowered his head and made a hilarious glare, first facing Griffin and then to reporters (upon Blake's request) drawing a bunch of laughs.

Last week, "Big Baby" Davis brought his one-year-old daughter to a postgame conference following a loss to the Pacers. It's safe to say that Amari Davis stole the show.

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