Chris Pine Shows Us What It’s Like To Have Congress As Your Co-Worker

FYI, it's not fun.

Joss Whedon’s Save The Day super PAC released a new video to encourage voters to hit the polls next week. 

The video stars Chris Pine as Leonard, a whiny, misogynistic man-child whose behavior in the workplace is beyond unprofessional and dysfunctional. In other words ― as noted in a press release for the video ― the “Star Trek” actor is “the human embodiment of today’s United States Congress.” 

As the clip states, employees would never get away with the things Pine is seen doing ― shutting down his company when people don’t agree with him, chasing a woman around the office claiming he’s the “boss of [her] whole body” ― so why has Congress? 

The only way to make a difference is by voting, so please, for the sake of the country’s future, head to the polls on Nov. 8 and don’t let us end up with a Leonard in power. 



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