Chris Pine Has Reportedly Joined 'Wonder Woman' As A Love Interest

Welcome to the DC universe, Chris Pine!

It looks like Chris Pine won't be joining DC Comics to show off superpowers of his own -- but to play Wonder Woman's boyfriend instead.

According to The Wrap, the "Star Trek" star has reportedly signed on for DC and Warner Bros.' "Wonder Woman" to play Steve Trevor, the love interest of Gal Gadot's titular superhero. Rumors had circulating for a while that Pine was in talks for "Wonder Woman," but there was also word that Pine would join the DC Comics universe as the next Green Lantern. Last month, Latino Review speculated that the Steve Trevor rumors were just a distraction from possible news that Pine would be portraying Hal Jordan, the most well-known Lantern. It looks like we we've all been fooled, though.

Pine won't just be a superpower-less love interest, though. The Wrap reports that the actor will have his fair share of action scenes in the Patty Jenkins-directed film. While we likely won't see Pine's Steve until "Wonder Woman" hits theaters in 2017, we will meet Gadot's Diana Prince in Zach Snyder's upcoming "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" next year.

Reps for Pine and Warner Bros. were not immediately available for comment.

For more, head to The Wrap.

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