The Spot-On Way Chris Pratt Handles Arguments With Wife Anna Faris

That whole "never-go-to-bed-angry" advice? Chris Pratt says sometimes you need to sleep on it. Science says he's right.
That whole "never-go-to-bed-angry" advice? Chris Pratt says sometimes you need to sleep on it. Science says he's right.

When Chris Pratt isn’t blowing up the box office fighting dinosaurs, guarding the galaxy or dating in space, he may or may not be taking lessons on how to be a dream husband to actress Anna Faris.

He can actually French braid Faris’ hair. He moonlights as the stunt dummy in his wife’s wrestling lessons. And then there’s this spot-on advice about how to deal with that late-night argument:

“Sometimes you got [sic] to go to bed mad,” he says in the Entertainment Tonight video below. “But at least just touch toes and say, yeah, I know. I know. We’ll deal with it later. I need to get some sleep.”

It’s as if he took the words right out of an expert’s mouth.

Hashing out your problems and clearing the air can strengthen relationships, Amanda Deverich, a Williamsburg, Virginia-based marriage and family therapist previously told The Huffington Post. But she added: “Never going to bed angry could elevate a fight and reduce the ability for a couple to resolve the issue.”

You’ll probably be better equipped to discuss your problems after a good night’s sleep, she said.

That’s because being sleep deprived can make you more likely to get emotional ― and less likely to respond in a controlled, appropriate way. Studies show the brain’s emotional centers are actually more reactive when we’re sleep deprived.

Other research suggests being sleep deprived interferes with the brain’s decision-making processes, inhibits our ability to focus and pay attention, and actually makes fights among couples worse.

We’ll go with Pratt’s take on that classic “don’t go to bed mad” advice: “I think that’s garbage,” the 37-year-old actor said.

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