This Is What It Takes For Hollywood Nice Guy Chris Pratt To Lose His Cool

Step 1. Form a mob at your local airport upon his arrival.

It takes a lot for Chris Pratt to lose his cool. Remember, this is the guy that’s happy to braid his wife’s hair on the reg and erected a giant cross on Easter Sunday. But when the actor was mobbed by autograph hounds, aka velociraptors in human form, at LAX recently, he let his anger get the best of him. 

After stopping to sign autographs far longer than your faves and answer questions about the Brangelina split (“I’ll pray for them, man. That’s too bad.”) Pratt had to stop, drop and remind the world that he’s a human being, not an autograph machine, and can leave the airport when he damn well pleases. 

Apparently, one fan wasn’t pleased that Pratt didn’t sign the “Guardians of the Galaxy” memorabilia he plans to overcharge your tween cousin for on eBay. 

“You should be nicer,” Pratt said after identifying the perp. “You got a cross on your chest and you’re cussing me out. I just made you guys a bunch of money right now. C’mon, man. Don’t be a jerk.”

But before anyone could respond, Pratt was whisked away, leaving the fans in the dust of his SUV to contemplate how they got the nicest guy in Hollywood to flip his lid.  

So, to review, here’s how to make Chris Pratt yell at you in three easy steps.

1. Form a mob at your local airport upon his arrival.
2. Demand an autograph like it’s your God-given right.
3. Be an asshole.

We wouldn’t recommend it, but now you know.



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