Chris Evans And His Dog Troll Chris Pratt On His Birthday

Dodger the dog played a crucial role.

Actor Chris Pratt turned 39 years old on Thursday and his “Infinity War” costar Chris Evans, aka Captain America, couldn’t resist giving him the business to celebrate the occasion.

Actually, it was Evans’ dog, Dodger, who did his business by a fire hydrant resembling Pratt’s alter ego, Star-Lord. 

“We hope you’re getting showered with affection today,” Evans tweeted.

Pratt responded to Evans’ jab with, “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.” (Or maybe he was talking to the dog.)

The two friends are known for their good-natured ribbing with one another.

In 2015, they made a bet on the results of the Super Bowl between Pratt’s Seattle Seahawks and Evans’ New England Patriots. Whoever lost was supposed to dress up as his Marvel superhero role and visit a children’s hospital in the winning team’s area.

Even though the Seahawks lost the game, both stars ended up visiting children’s hospitals in full costume. So, in the end, the kids really won that bet.

Pratt and Evans also joined Jimmy Fallon at the Super Bowl to have some fun with the fans. Unbeknownst to said fans.