Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Visit Children's Hospital, Prove They're Real-Life Superheroes

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord and Captain America have teamed up, and it's for a great cause.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans visited with the families of Christopher's Haven hospital in Boston, Massachusetts on Friday following their Super Bowl bet (#TwitterBowl), which helped them raise $27,000 for two incredible organizations.

Pratt, a Seattle Seahawks fan, and Evans, a New England Patriots fan, wagered trips to the Seattle Children's Hospital and Christopher's Haven before the Super Bowl, betting that if their team won, they would visit with sick children at the winner's charity of choice. Since the Patriots ended up taking home the Vince Lombardi trophy last Sunday, Pratt joined Evans at Christopher's Haven and helped make the day of a handful of families.

"Chris Pratt and Chris Evans visited with the families here at Christopher's Haven in honor of the ‪#‎TwitterBowl‬ bet. The visit was complete with New England Patriots jerseys for Chris Pratt and lots of toys for the kids," the hospital wrote on their Facebook page, posting photos from the visit, as well. "Thank you to Newbury Comics and Disney for sending toys and gift bags for the kids! This was a day they will never forget."

Pratt also took to Facebook to share photos, writing, "Made good on that ‪#‎twitterbowl‬ bet! Starlord is [p]roud to be in Boston today at Christopher's Haven with Chris Evans and some awesome families. ‪#‎12thMan‬."

And according to Evans, the pair will be heading to the Seattle Children's Hospital, as well, because they're real-life superheroes.



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