Chris Pratt Talks About The Challenges Of Disciplining His Toddler Son

During his June 11 appearance on "Conan," Chris Pratt talked about his 2-year-old son Jack and how hard it can be for him and wife Anna Farris to discipline the toddler.

"We try to present a unified front," he told the talk show host, adding that neither he nor Farris is particularly good at laying down the law.

Pratt then shared a story about a recent dinnertime incident. "You know how kids are great 95 percent of the time, and then five percent of the time, they're just little a-holes?" he began.

The actor said Jack threw a small dinnertime tantrum that involved smashing fruit and flipping his bowl of soup upside down.

"I take him into the other room, take a chair, face it into the corner and say, 'You're in a time-out. Now I want you to sit here and think,'" he said. But as he and Farris continued eating, they noticed that the toddler seemed perfectly at ease, Pratt added, doing a hilarious impression of his son's content face.

"I was like, 'I don't think this seems like punishment to him.'"

When time-out was over, Pratt asked his son if he had a chance to think, and when Jack said yes, he asked what he thought about.

"Trains and dogs," he replied.

Toddler discipline is tough.

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