Chris Pratt, Chris Evans Place Superhero-Sized Super Bowl Bet

If you're going to bet on the Super Bowl, why not make it a superwager? Not "super" in the sense of exorbitant and unreasonable -- "super" as in superhero.

That's the kind of bet Patriots-loving "Captain America" star Chris Evans found himself roped into after taunting fellow actor Chris Pratt on Twitter:

Pratt, an ardent Seahawks fan who played Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy," fired back with a reference to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson:

From there, the conversation quickly turned to a more important question: Wanna bet on it? With both sides anteing up, placing superhero-sized charity wagers.

Pratt immediately challenged his sports nemesis to visit the Seattle Children's Hospital while dressed as Captain America, waving the "12th man flag," a Seahawks banner raised at games in honor of the team's notoriously loud fans.

In return, Evans challenged Pratt to put a Tom Brady jersey on over his Star-Lord costume and visit Christopher's Haven, a Boston-area nonprofit for kids with cancer.

Not one to let Evans have the last word -- especially when it's "seachickens" -- Pratt ended the conversation with a cheeky nod to "DeflateGate," the cheating scandal which has currently engulfed the Patriots.

With bets like this, everyone wins.



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