Chris Pratt And Jimmy Fallon Giggle Their Way Through Holiday-Themed Mad Libs Skit

They can barely keep it together.

On Tuesday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt got into the Christmas spirit with a hilarious Mad Libs–themed sketch. The two could barely keep a straight face. 

Pratt took on the role of Santa Claus, complete with white beard and plush Santa suit, while Fallon played an assistant manager elf.

In the sketch, the stars had to read from a script that included some silly words and phrases (snow gerbils, anyone?), which were chosen randomly by Pratt before they started. Naturally, they (but mainly Fallon) giggled through most of it. 

We promise, the skit is worth a watch, if only to see Pratt say, “The reason I work so hard is because I get to spread joy to millions of people and go sit by the fire shakin’ my ‘nad while eating cookies and drinking Milwaukee’s Best Ice!” 

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