Chris Pratt Misses The Days When He Was 'Fat' And So Does Anna Faris

It's safe to come out again.

Somewhere beneath Chris Pratt’s rock-hard “Guardians of the Galaxy” six-pack lies Andy Dwyer, his lovable and slightly chunkier “Parks and Recreation” alter-ego who was content to eat massive amounts turkey chili off a frisbee.

Oh, how we miss him. 

Apparently, we’re in good company, because when the “Magnificent Seven” actor visited “The Late Show” on Wednesday, host Stephen Colbert admitted that he, too, feels pangs of nostalgia thinking about the man he affectionately calls “Fat Pratt.”

“I know you’re a big action star now and you’ve talked about getting in shape, but I kind of miss Fat Pratt,” the late-night host admitted. 

Pratt famously lost 60 pounds in six months before appearing as Star-Lord in “Guardians,” and only upped the hunk quotient in his subsequent leading-man role in “Jurassic World.”

“I do [miss him],” Pratt admitted. “My wife does, too. She likes to cook and I don’t get to eat as much of her cooking as I used to ... He’s not gone forever. He’s just on vacation for a couple years, but he’s coming back.”

Celebrate good times, come on.  

Watch a clip from the interview below: 



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