Chris Redd's Soulja Boy Throws His Gucci Headband In The Ring For President On 'SNL'

"Trump?" he asks Michael Che dismissively. "The dude who got bodied by the popular vote?"

With a derisive “Truuump,” “Saturday Night Live’s” Chris Redd as Soulja Boy announced he was running for president in a hilarious appearance on “Weekend Update.”

The bit was a send-up of Soulja Boy’s sassy interview earlier this month on “The Breakfast Club.”

When Redd’s Soulja revealed that he’s running with his “Crank That 2020,” Michael Che asked if he’s got what it takes to beat Donald Trump.

Redd responds: “Trump!? Trump?! The dude that got bodied by the popular vote?” 

It was a similar takedown on “The Breakfast Club” when Soulja ripped Kanye West’s support for the president.

“We looking at you like you goofy, bro,” Soulja said, directing his comments to West. “You supporting Trump, bro? What the fuck wrong with you? That shit not right. You need to stop supporting Trump. You got to put on for the black community.”

Check out Redd’s dead-on impersonation in the video.