Chris Rock Explains How 'Black Fame' Led To The Making Of 'Top Five'

Chris Rock Explains The Double Standard Of Being Black & Famous

The ongoing discussion surrounding race and diversity in Hollywood has not only been a hot button topic in recent years, it has also inspired the making of Chris Rock’s forthcoming film, “Top Five.”

During a recent interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host, Charlie Rose, the 49-year-old actor-comedian opened up about directing “Top Five,” and revealed the reason he decided to highlight the burden that often comes with “black fame.”

“I wanted to do a movie in some ways about black fame. Cause being famous as a black guy is a little different than being famous as a white guy,” he said. "Tom Hanks is an amazing actor. Denzel Washington is a God to his people…Denzel Washington has a responsibility that Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson, and all these guys they don’t have. They just make their art.”

He continued, “No one goes, 'Hey, Tom Cruise ... Stay white. Don't forget your whiteness…come back and visit the white people… what you doing for white people, Tom Cruise?' Nobody says that to Tom Cruise…’Yo Stallone, what you doing for Italians, man?’ No one says that to Sylvester Stallone.”

“They want to know that Denzel loves his people. That Denzel is doing stuff for his people. And they feel Denzel's highs and lows more than white people feel …Tom Hanks does a bad movie, there's going to be another good movie by somebody white next week. But if Denzel does a bad movie, I might not see a good black movie for a year. I am really left out here hangin'."

In addition to sharing his thoughts during the interview on race and authenticity in the limelight, Rock also took home the Hollywood Comedy Film Award for directing and writing “Top Five” during last weekend’s Hollywood Film Awards.

"Top Five" is scheduled for a limited release on Dec. 5 before a nationwide bow on Dec. 12. Check out more of Chris Rock’s interview with Charlie Rose in the clip above.

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