Chris Rock Blasts Selena Gomez As A Bargain Bin Version Of Beyoncé

Her fans are NOT happy.

When it comes to Beyoncé, Chris Rock bows down like the rest of us. But the comedian took his fandom a little too far on Twitter for some Selena Gomez fans by sharing a meme that praises Queen Bey while totally dissing Gomez. 

Rock retweeted the meme, which jokes that Gomez is essentially the bargain bin version of Yoncé, with the caption "This is true" on Tuesday:

Ouch. Selenators quickly came for the 51-year-old comedian, attacking him on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Never one to be undeterred, Rock stood his ground and, the next day, tweeted out the same meme, saying, “ICYMI: This is true.

Rock is known as a comedian who pushes boundaries, often to the chagrin of others. While hosting the 2016 Oscars, the comedian angered many by playing up Jewish and Asian stereotypes with a tasteless bit. 

He also caused an uproar by tweeting out an insensitive (but technically accurate) joke about Lamar Odom only a few days after the former NBA player collapsed at a Nevada brothel. 

Chris Rock: alientating celebs, one tweet at a time.