Chris Rock Curses Out A Woman's Ex At The 'Night Of Too Many Stars' (VIDEO)

Tons of amazing performances went on in the name of charity at the Night Of Too Many Stars, but few were more memorable than Chris Rock's. While some people performed stand-up comedy, original songs, or simulated an orgasm to raise money for autism education, Chris Rock auctioned off a very special service: calling the highest bidder's ex and telling them off.

A young woman named Desiree won the bid and donated $20,000 to charity so Rock would tell off her ex-boyfriend Jeff, who posted photos of himself with another woman on Facebook. To make the punishment even more juicy, Desiree noted that Jeff is a HUGE Chris Rock fan.

Watch Rock actually call Jeff and tell him off like only he can do. It gets pretty rough, too. Let's just say it starts with "You dirty motherf***er, you!" and ends with talk of a terrorist attack on Jeff's genital region.


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