Delta Airlines Pulls Chris Rock Special Over Anti-Gay Slurs

A Grindr employee called out the airline company.
Chris Rock's "Kill The Messenger" special contained the word "faggot."
Chris Rock's "Kill The Messenger" special contained the word "faggot."

Delta Airlines has pulled a 2008 Chris Rock special called “Kill the Messenger” from the company’s aircrafts following a complaint that Rock used anti-gay language during the program, including the word “faggot.”

The airline company issued a statement to GayTravel.com about the decision, claiming that “Kill the Messenger” should never have been uploaded as a streaming in-flight option. That statement, which was subsequently sent to The Huffington Post, reads:

“The Chris Rock ‘Kill the Messenger’ segment should not have been uploaded on flights based on our criteria for excluding onboard programming that includes content featuring explicit language, slurs, extreme violence, and explicit scenes. We apologize to any customers who were offended by the content or our airing of the segment, and we are working as quickly as possible to remove it from our aircraft. Our commitment to inclusion and respect of all customers is rooted in Delta’s values and culture, and we proudly embrace diverse people, thinking and styles.”

According to GayTravel.com, a Grindr employee complained about the video after watching it on a recent flight from New York to Los Angeles. The viewer also tweeted his discontent: 

Earlier this month, Delta landed in hot water for running an edited version of “Carol” that did not include a same-sex kiss that was present in the original version of the film.

Requests from The Huffington Post for comments from Rock about the situation were not immediately returned.



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