Chris Rock's Girl Scout Moment Wasn't A Big Lie After All (UPDATE)

The Oscar host's ruse has been (Tre)foiled!

UPDATE: 3:15 p.m. -- According to a statement we received from The Girl Scouts, $65,243 was actually raised, but that number includes more than just cookie sales:

Both Girl Scouts of the USA and the Academy have verified that, through sales of Girl Scout Cookies and donations made during the Oscars, the Girl Scouts raised $65,243 that will benefit girls, allowing them to improve their communities and continue developing into strong leaders.


Chris Rock seemed to pull a total "dad move" at the Oscars on Sunday, calling out the Scout mother who beats his daughters in cookie sales before unleashing his girls' troop on Hollywood millionaires and raising more than $65,000. 

Well, you can breathe easy, Linda Dunn. Rock's secret plans just got (Tre)foiled.

A Girl Scout rep told TMZ the $65,000 number was a joke for the skit, and the real figure comes out to about 500 boxes sold for a total closer to $2,500. (It is possible some audience members could've ordered boxes to be delivered later, though.)

Also, those girls weren't Rock's daughters, or apparently even from their troop. The Los Angeles Times reports the troop is actually from Inglewood, California. Rock's daughters belong to a group in New York. All the money raised goes toward the Inglewood troop and supporting programs in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

According to The Daily Beast, Rock's trip to visit Compton moviegoers was also a lie, mostly because Compton has no movie theaters. Rock supposedly met people from the Crenshaw/Baldwin Hills area. 

So, yeah, not all of the Oscars was 100 percent true, but whatever. The Girl Scouts still got money, and this woman still got to hold an Oscar, so everybody wins.



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