Things Just Got Super Awkward With Chris Rock On 'Today'

Things Got Super Awkward With Chris Rock On 'Today'

When you interview Chris Rock, you can expect that he's going to throw in a few jokes here and there.

But the actor and comedian may have taken it a step too far Monday morning during an interview with "Today" host Matt Lauer. At the end of the interview, Rock teased about Lauer nabbing the coveted interview with former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his wife, Janay Rice, parts of which aired earlier Monday morning.

"You got Ray Rice's wife on!" Rock said. "You'll show 'Good Morning America!' 'We got the wife on!'"

"This is one of those times I should have gone to commercial about 30 seconds ago," Lauer said, laughing.

He was right. Rock's next comment garnered uncomfortable moans from "Today" staffers on set. Lauer even put his hand over his face.

"We'll show you Robin Roberts," Rock said. "Matt Lauer's going to get sick next. Watch."

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