Former 'Bachelor:' It's Unlikely You'll Find Lasting Love On Reality TV

Chris Soules says the odds "aren't that good."

No matter how many break-ups we hear about following "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" finales, plenty of hopeful singles still sign up for a chance to find true love on television. One of those people was Chris Soules, who was last season's star of "The Bachelor," and he says he knows all to well the reality of reality-TV love.  

Speaking with "Oprah: Where Are They Now?", the Iowa farmer draws upon his own experience at the center of a dating show, opening up about his resulting engagement (and break-up) with "Bachelor" contestant Whitney Bischoff.

Six months after proposing to Whitney on the season finale of "The Bachelor" last year, the couple announced they had ended their relationship. Chris says the break-up was mutual, and admits that a lasting union is pretty unlikely from the get-go.

"The odds of marrying somebody on a TV show and having that work aren't that good," he says. "It's hard."

Still, Chris had no ill feelings toward his ex or the process by which they came together.

"We did the best we could. I have no regrets," he says. "I'm thankful that we can remain friends."

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