Chris Staniforth Dies From Blood Clot After 12-Hour Xbox Marathons

In the latest example of "everything in moderation," too much Xbox-playing may have led to a young British man's death.

Twenty-year-old Chris Staniforth, who reportedly played the game "Halo" on his Xbox for up to 12 hours at a time, died in May from deep vein thrombosis, a condition triggered by sitting for extremely long periods of time. A coroner said that there was a blood clot that formed in Staniforth's leg that moved up to his lungs to cause a fatal pulmonary embolism, the New York Daily News reported.

Deep vein thrombosis usually occurs among people who have to sit on a long-haul flight, according to the Mayo Clinic. Symptoms include swelling in the leg where the blood clot originates, followed by shortness of breath, chest pain and dizziness.

"After my research I saw there was no difference to Chris sitting at a desk on his Xbox and someone on a long-haul flight," Staniforth's father, David, told BBC News.

In a statement, Xbox manufacturer Microsoft said that it encourages gamers to take breaks from playing, BBC News reported.

While David Staniforth said he is not against playing video games, he wants to warn children and parents that playing for too long of a time without breaks can be dangerous and have health consequences, The Daily Mail reported.