Utah Rep. Chris Stewart Unintentionally Makes Great Case For Biden's Agenda

"OH MY GOD! Not healthcare, education and affordable housing?!?!?!?! Anything but THAT!?!?!" one Twitter user comically lamented.

Rep. Chris Stewart attempted to slam Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda on Wednesday, but unintentionally made a great case for it.

It all started when the Utah Republican attempted to throw red meat to his base with a tweet showing the “socialist laundry list that your hard-earned taxpayer money is going towards.”

However, his fearmongering might have failed in part because he emphasized policy items that polls show are popular with voters, like spending on health care, long-term care, child care and clean-energy jobs.

As a result, many Twitter users pointed out that Stewart actually did Biden a big favor by emphasizing how many people would be positively affected by the plan.