Chris Stewart, GOP Climate Change Denier: 'The Science Regarding Climate Change Is Uncertain'

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), the new chairman of a critical House subcommittee on the environment, is doubling down on his climate change denial.

In an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune this past weekend, Stewart repeated a litany of climate change denial tropes before insisting that the reason Congress has been unable to pass comprehensive climate legislation is because even Democrats don't believe the science behind anthropogenic global warming:

In 2009, despite having control of the entire elected government, President Obama and the Democrats in Washington chose not to pass climate change legislation. And why not? Because even the majority of Democrats recognize that the science regarding climate change is uncertain, the suggested remedies would likely not work, and would be devastating to working families.

The claim is demonstrably false. A Gallup poll released last week found that 78 percent of Democrats think human activities contribute directly to global warming. Only 39 percent of Republicans said the same.

The comments come after Stewart told the Salt Lake Tribune last month that he's "not as convinced as a lot of people are that man-made climate change is the threat they think it is." He elaborated on those views in an interview with Mother Jones.

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