Clean Up On Aisle 4! Chris Wallace Mocks Trump's Dodge On Foreign Election Help

“You don’t want any hint of foreign interference” in an election, noted the Fox News host.

Fox News host Chris Wallace made fun of President Donald Trump’s half-hearted refashioning of his outlandish comments Wednesday that he’d “want to hear” foreign dirt about a political rival. By Friday, Trump tried to clarify on “Fox & Friends” that if he thought anything was “incorrect or badly stated,” he’d “absolutely” report it to the FBI.

Wallace shrugged off the president’s latest comments afterward.

“My reaction to that is it’s like what you hear sometimes at a big grocery store: ‘Clean up on Aisle 4!’” Wallace quipped on “Fox & Friends.”

“The president’s comments before, which indicated that he would absolutely take information that came from foreign countries and maybe he would report it to authorities, was roundly criticized by both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill. And the president there, indicating: ‘Well, I would report it if anything [was] wrong.’”

Wallace said it “doesn’t quite clean it up, however.”

What most people expect to hear is that if a president gets an indication from the Kremlin about dirt on a rival, he’s going to immediately report it to the FBI, said Wallace. “You don’t want any hint of foreign interference” in an election, he added.

Check out the president’s comments — and Wallace’s reaction — in the video up top.

The head of the Federal Election Commission emphasized Thursday that it’s illegal to accept election help from a foreign government.