Chris Wallace: GOP Debates Are 'Stupid'

Fox News Host Calls GOP Debates 'Stupid'

Chris Wallace on Saturday said what many journalists, television viewers and probably the GOP candidates are thinking.

"It is ridiculous how many debates there have been--this is the nineteenth debate," he said on the Mike Gallagher Show, referring to Thursday night's Republican debate. "It is insane that there have been nineteen debates!"

Wallace, who himself moderated two debates, pointed out that it has become difficult for hosts to come up with fresh questions.

"They're all stupid," he said, arguing that viewers aren't watching to learn about the issues. “It's like you're tuning in to a car race, you really want to see if there's a wreck."

Wallace isn't alone in his criticism of the GOP debates. Karl Rove has said that the "debates have nearly crippled campaigns, chewing into the precious time each candidate has to organize, raise money, set themes, roll out policy and campaign."

Despite pushback, several more debates have been scheduled, including ones on February 22nd, March 1st and March 5th.

Listen to Wallace's full complains below (via Mediaite):

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