Chris Wallace On Mitt Romney Interview: Former Candidate 'Obviously Thinks He Made Some Mistakes' (VIDEO)

Chris Wallace recently scored Mitt and Ann Romney's first interview since the 2012 election, and is speaking about their reactions to losing in a preview of the exchange.

Romney was described as "shellshocked" in the immediate aftermath of his loss to President Obama, and has maintained a relative low profile since November. Wallace's interview with the Romneys will air on "Fox News Sunday."

In a preview, Wallace told Politico's Patrick Gavin that Ann feels the pain of the loss.

"I'd say he is in a better place than she is," Wallace said, reflecting on the interview. "Not to say she’s bitter — and she enjoys her life. Look, they live on the beach, north of San Diego and a bunch of their grandkids are around. You know, they’ve got a pretty great life. But she I think feels the pain and the what-ifs and the hurt more than he does. And it comes through in the interview. There’s a lot of emotion that comes through in the interview, and she’s more open about it — the ‘what might have been."

The Fox News host said that Romney "obviously thinks he made some mistakes," but is "very defensive and very supportive of his campaign." He also said Romney pointed to a liberal media bias and a "long and expensive" primary battle as factors in the loss, but described the former candidate as "at ease" and "serene about it."

In the interview, Romney compared the experience to being on a roller coaster. "We were on a roller coaster, exciting and thrilling, ups and downs. But the ride ends," he said. "And then you get off. And it's not like, oh, can't we be on a roller coaster the rest of our life? It's like, no, the ride's over."



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