Chris Wallace, Shep Smith Criticize Netanyahu's Visit To Congress

Fox News' Shep Smith and Chris Wallace lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday following Wednesday's announcement that he would meet with Congress about Iran instead of President Obama.

"I'm shocked," Wallace said, calling the move "wicked." Wallace noted that the Israeli ambassador had met with John Kerry earlier in the week and apparently didn't mention anything about the trip.

"For Netanyahu to do something that is going to be seen as a deliberate and really pretty egregious snub of Obama when Obama is going to be in power for the next year and three quarters would seem to me to be a very risky political strategy."

Republicans are expected to use the February visit to push for more sanctions on Iran. Obama and congressional Republicans have been at odds over Iran and Netanyahu's snub is seen as a rejection of Obama's wishes.

Smith noted that in recent years, Israel has consistently rebuked U.S. efforts to make a two-state solution work.

"George Bush used to say "you must stop the expansion of the the settlements," so what does Israel do? They move on with expanding the settlements. This president says, "you gotta stop expanding the settlements," and they just keep expanding the settlements."

"It seems like they think we don’t pay attention and that we’re just a bunch of complete morons," he said.

Watch the exchange in the video above.

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