Fox News' Chris Wallace Slams White House For Blocking Access To Clinton, Gates (VIDEO)

Fox News Host Slams White House For Blocking Access

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made the talk show rounds on Sunday, appearing on ABC, CBS and NBC to discuss Libya. However, they did not go on Fox News--something which made Chris Wallace, host of "Fox News Sunday," very unhappy--and he let his viewers know it. (h/t Politico.)

After ending an interview with former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Wallace said:

"Of course we wanted to get the White House view on Libya. However, they chose to offer Secretary of State Clinton and Defense Secretary Gates to ABC, CBS and NBC, but not to Fox. Despite the fact that we routinely have more viewers than two of those Sunday shows, the Obama team felt no need to explain to the millions of you who watch this program and Fox News why they have sent U.S. servicemen and women into combat. We thought you'd like to know."

When frequent Sunday talk show guest John McCain came on for the next interview, Wallace asked him about something said on "one of those other Sunday shows."


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