Chris Wallace: No Way Trump Will Win In 2020 With Just His Base

And that seems to be all the president cares about now, Wallace tells Fox News' Shepard Smith.

Fox News host Chris Wallace told colleague Shepard Smith on Friday that there’s no way Donald Trump can win a second term with just his base — and the president doesn’t seem to care about anyone else now.

Smith asked if Trump is simply going to “stay with the base, placate the base and forget everybody else and just figure out a way come 2020?”

“You can’t do it,” Wallace responded, “because there’s just not enough votes in the base.” Even with polling that indicates as much as 40 percent of eligible voters may be “ever-Trumpers,” that’s “not enough to win an election,” Wallace emphasized. “So he’s going to have to expand his base.”

While his backers love his border wall, it’s not popular with the majority of Americans, Wallace noted. He’s going to need the “independents ... suburban Republicans, suburban women,” Wallace added.

He suspects Trump hopes the Democrats will nominate someone “so far to the left ... that it’s going to make it easier for him; he doesn’t have to pivot as far to the center” to pick up some of that support, Wallace added.

Check out the clip above. The discussion about Trump and his base starts at 3:20.