Chris Ware's REJECTED <em>Fortune</em> Cover Paints Honest, Dismal Picture Of American Capitalism (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Chris Ware's REJECTEDCover

When Fortune magazine asked comic book artist and Oak Park resident Chris Ware to design the cover of their "Fortune 500" issue, they were probably not expecting his "beautiful and Marxist" interpretation of modern capitalism.

Chicagoist reported Friday that Ware was asked to design the May cover of the magazine, but his final product, which featured "Guantanamo Bay prisoners, Mexican factory workers, and a few potshots at business execs and money-grubbing politicians" was apparently not what Fortune had in mind--they killed the cover.

Still, a high-resolution version of the Ware cover is making its rounds on the Internet--and fans are delighted.

Check out the details in the controversial cover here:

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