Chrissy Teigen Leaks A Full Episode Of 'Bring The Funny'

The social media star joked that the apparent flub got her fired from the new NBC show and even responded to a doubter.

Oops! Chrissy Teigen on Monday seemed to have accidentally shared the entire premiere episode of her new comedy show “Bring the Funny” when she meant to send just a short promo.

The full clip of NBC’s new comedy competition, watermarked “Chrissy Teigen Viewing,” appeared to be intended for a select audience, but Teigen pushed it out to her entire Twitter following. The video is now unavailable. She joked about being fired for the gaffe and asked for job referrals.

Minutes later, she invited those who didn’t catch the whole 30 minutes of the rogue tweet to watch it on TV Tuesday night.

Yashar Ali, who has covered entertainment for HuffPost, sarcastically voiced his doubt that Teigen actually made a mistake.

Teigen said the reporter was giving her too much credit and posted a previous tweet in which she wrote: “I am so stupid and so tired please stop expecting things from me.”

The internet-savvy Teigen swats trolls like flies and gracefully juggles TV gigs and funny Instagram bits about family life with husband John Legend. It wouldn’t be a shocker if she were pulling a teeny fast one. Just sayin’, not accusin’.

She later issued a tweet playfully chastising fellow “Bring the Funny” judge Kenan Thompson for sending out a proper promo without revealing the whole shebang.

Blunder or not, Teigen sure knows how to work it.