It Appears Chrissy Teigen Slept Through Casey Affleck’s Oscar Speech

Was this a subtle protest?

If you were sitting at home during Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony, trying your best not to fall asleep (before the evening’s surprise ending), you weren’t alone. Chrissy Teigen was right there with you.

During the show, it appeared the supermodel and cookbook author caught some z’s at various points throughout the night. She was spotted with her eyes closed, resting her head on husband John Legend’s shoulder.

Here she is while Casey Affleck was giving his speech for Actor in a Leading Role (top right corner). Was this a subtle form of protest against the actor, who’s faced backlash this awards season after past sexual harassment allegations filed against him resurfaced last September?

Maybe she was just tired. Here she is again, this time spotted behind Meryl Streep (left side):

Naturally, folks on Twitter loved it.

We don’t blame her for catching up on rest, though ― it’s been one loooong awards season and she’s a first-time mom with a baby at home. Oh yeah, and she’s a top model who hosts a TV show and has career obligations of her own.

On Monday morning, the star seemed to poke fun at her Oscar snooze, tweeting:

We love you, Chrissy.

CORRECTION: This post previously misstated that Casey Affleck was accused of sexual assault. He was accused of sexual harassment.

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