Chrissy Teigen Fires Back At Donald Trump's Inauguration Tweet

He's apparently having a hard time finding A-listers who want to perform.
No time for BS.
No time for BS.
Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Chrissy Teigen is correcting Donald Trump’s misleading statements one tweet at a time.

On Thursday, the president-elect fired off an angry tweet at around 9 p.m., seemingly in response to all of the reports of famous artists refusing to play at his Inauguration.

The supermodel quickly pointed out just how desperate Trump’s tweet made him look:

Teigen wasn’t finished, though.

Mic drop.

Of course, some people immediately came after Teigen for seemingly calling herself an A-list celebrity. The 30-year-old clarified that she was talking about her husband, John Legend, in her tweets:

She also reminded her followers that her husband and Trump went to the same school, the University of Pennsylvania.


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