Chrissy Teigen Loses And Finds Her New Hamster In Rodent Drama

The "hamster mom" shared all kinds of adventures with her new pet on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen can take the critter-cism.

She bought a new hamster for daughter Luna named Peanut Butter, cheekily adding that husband John Legend “is not thrilled, which makes me love her more.”

Then the model shared her rodent adventures in an amusing string of tweets.

She posted a clip of Peanut Butter chewing on a metal bar. She fretted over the seller’s advice on feeding and holding her. She noted that “it’s very confusing, being a hamster mom” and welcomed tips. She also asked people to “stop yelling at me” and reassured them that Peanut Butter had a swanky habitat.

In perhaps the biggest development, she reported that Peanut Butter had escaped. Hours later, thankfully, she declared, “found her!”

Never a dull moment in the Teigen-Legend household.

Check out her hamster odyssey below:

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