Chrissy Teigen Hates How We Care About 'Stupid S**t' Like Ryan Lochte's 'Gas Station Fight'

She's not wrong.

Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen has heard enough about Ryan Lochte’s alleged assault in Rio ― she’s done, and she’s letting everyone know it. 

On Thursday, the model expressed her frustration and annoyance with what she called Lochte’s “stupid as shit gas station international incident” in a series of tweets. 

Teigen pointed out that there are other issues going on in the world that deserve attention, such as the recent airstrikes in the Aleppo, Syria:

When one commenter tweeted a story about the model’s stretch marks ― which made its way around the web this week ― in order to point out the headlines she inspired herself, Teigen gave this perfect answer: 

We feel you, Chrissy. Unfortunately, the internet is a vast place filled with stories ― some extremely important, some extremely stupid. 



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