Chrissy Teigen, Our Food Guru, Doesn't Like Trader Joe's

Cue the heartbreak.

Here at HuffPost Lifestyle, we're of the camp that Chrissy Teigen is typically right about everything: Her style, her fierce love of dogs and her overall attitude of not giving a you-know-what, to name a few.

But perhaps what most endears the supermodel to us is a common appreciation of delicious food. Teigen's followers are especially privy to her love of food, and we tend to agree with her many, many social media declarations about food.

That's why on March 31, 2016, at approximately 5 p.m., our world and everything we know to be true got turned over on its head. For in that moment, the supermodel revealed something so horrific it shook us to our cat cookie-loving cores.

Chrissy Teigen dislikes, nay, "hates," beloved grocery chain Trader Joe's.

After falling for Yahoo's since-removed April Fools' story that claimed Trader Joe's would be closing all of its locations by 2017, Teigen took to Twitter to react to the news:

Creepy? Weird? Say it isn't so! But the real gut punch came after she found out it was all in jest:

HATE? She HATES TJ's, purveyor of all things delicious and affordable? It can't be! How could our opinion of the store differ so vastly from our great leader?

In her defense, Teigen does make an exception for TJ's finest offering of all: cookie butter. All is not lost.

Chrissy Teigen