Chrissy Teigen's Hot Take On Ice Cream Trends Could Divide A Nation

Which side of the cone do you land on?

Advancements in ice cream presentation and technology are delicious ― and, quite frankly, completely unnecessary. Just ask Chrissy Teigen.

The hilarious supermodel is full of opinions on many pressing matters including, but not limited to, food trends. So it’s no surprise that when she encountered “blooming rose” ice cream ― essentially just a scoop of ice cream formed in the shape of a flower ― she made her opinion loud and clear.

Oh jfc just fucking scoop the ice cream,” she tweeted Tuesday with a video of the floral-shaped frozen treat.

Blooming rose ice cream comes from the California-based shop Cauldron, and is made with liquid nitrogen (of course) to make it “extra creamy,” according to Insider. It’s served with a puffy waffle.

It looks pretty delicious (that cone!) and makes pretty epic Instagram fodder, but we have to side with Teigen on this one: Ice cream is perfect on its own without all the bells, whistles, and waffles getting in the way (and slowing it down from reaching our stomachs ASAP).

But of course, there is room for a “purist vs. presentation” debate among ice cream fanatics. Sound off below and remember, whichever side you land on, we can at least agree that ice cream is a perfect summer treat in whatever shape and vessel it comes.

Do you prefer your ice cream as pretty as possible, or plain and in your mouth as fast as possible?
Fancy. Give me your rose ice cream, rolled ice cream, and stuff that hasn't even been invented yet. I need to Instagram it before eating.
Just scoop it, buster. I'm hungry.
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