Chrissy Teigen Is So Unimpressed With Being Married To The 'Sexiest Man Alive'

"Sexiest man title has been a curse upon my family," Teigen tweeted alongside a video of John Legend wearing what appears to be a sexy elf costume.

Chrissy Teigen does not like being married to the sexiest man alive.

The model and cookbook author has so far not been the biggest fan of her husband John Legend’s new title ― People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”

On Thursday, she took her mockery to a new level, tweeting a video of her husband, dressed as what appears to be some kind of sexy Christmas elf, with the caption: “sexiest man title has been a curse upon my family.”

As Legend ― complete with jingly vest, shimmery red pants and gold chain ― gyrates for the camera, his wife can be seen looking 0% impressed in the background of the shot.

Teigen has ruthlessly roasted Legend ever since he claimed the title last week, tweeting about the “honor” of having “boned the sexiest man alive.” She also bragged about the sexiest man alive making her a ham sandwich and showed their kids’ underwhelmed reactions to their dad’s new title.