Chrissy Teigen Just Trolled John Legend On Twitter With 3 Little Words

Teigen doesn't sound too thrilled about her husband's upcoming Christmas album tour.

With all due respect to John Legend, there’s nothing quite so satisfying on Twitter than when his wife Chrissy Teigen trolls him (or compares him to his aardvark look-alike, Arthur).

On Sunday night, Teigen took aim at Legend and his very hectic upcoming holiday work schedule after the “All of Me” singer kicked off a cross-country tour to promote his new Christmas album.

Fans are very excited for this tour ― and so is Legend!

Teigen, on the other hand, isn’t as enthusiastic.

Oww, epic parenthood burn.

Jokes aside, it sounds like the couple ― parents to toddler Luna and 6-month-old Miles ― have the tag-team parenting thing down just fine.

“I’ll go out and play with Luna while Chrissy breastfeeds Miles — there is just a little more juggling that goes on,” the singer told Parents magazine recently of their home life.

And there are no big complaints from Teigen, either.

“He’s insanely patient,” Teigen said of her husband of five years during a BUILD interview in September. “He’s amazing at diaper changing still.”

“He gives them so much attention no matter what’s going on in his life or my life or work-wise,” the Cravings author added. “They never feel like they’re second to work, and I think he’s really great with that.”

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