Chrissy Teigen's Petty Fight With John Legend Over Pizza Rolls Is Sublime

Their Totino's tiff shows how the upper crust lives.

Chrissy Teigen’s spat with husband John Legend over pizza is a hilarious slice of life.

The model and “Lip Sync Battle” host hesitated on Twitter Sunday night whether to tell the story, but fans of domestic bliss gone awry will be glad she did.

Teigen got a hankering for childhood favorite Totino’s but she and Legend seemed to have a misunderstanding as to what that meant: pizza rolls or just pizza.

The arrival of the Totino’s further escalated the argument into a second helping of saucy griping from Teigen. (Video insult included.)

Perhaps rebutting the suggestion that their feud was staged as a commercial for the brand, Teigen reminded followers: “you guys gotta be crazy for thinking totinos would approve an ad saying ‘I don’t want good pizza, I want totinos.’”

Check out Teigen’s tweetstorm of snack-jones-fueled resentment and remember that marriage is hard. But agreeing on how to bake mass-produced pizza products is even harder.