Watch John Legend Show The World Chrissy Teigen's Underwear Drawer

"It's kind of 'Paranormal Activity'-looking, so don't be scared," Teigen said of Legend's filming.

Most women wouldn't jump at chance to show off their underwear drawers on national television. But most women aren't Chrissy Teigen. 

On Tuesday's episode of "FABLife," the Sports Illustrated model kicked off their "Crazy Closet Extravaganza" by, of course, showing off her own closet. But since Teigen admitted she's "not good with homework," she had her husband, John Legend, record a video tour and send it in. Before they played the clip, Teigen warned the audience, "It's kind of 'Paranormal Activity'-looking, so don't be scared. He's not the greatest narrator." 

The video starts innocently enough, with Legend filming Teigen's countless rows of shoes, shoes and more glorious shoes. He pokes fun at her collection of footwear before moving on to her hats and a couple small drawers. 

"Oh, I forgot, the underwear drawer!" he says as he moves to another part of the closet. But when he opens it up, the drawer is -- wait for it -- empty. (Get it? Because Teigen doesn't wear underwear.)

The model and mom-to-be looked appropriately embarrassed but laughed it off like a pro, blowing a little kiss to the camera. 

You can watch the whole clip below: 


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