Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Daughter Throws The First Pitch

The Seattle Mariners may never have a cuter pitcher.
Mom, Dad and Luna.
Mom, Dad and Luna.

Chrissy Teigen took a break from her special brand of social media shade to give us one of the cutest moments of the week. 

Her daughter with husband John Legend, Luna, threw the first pitch at Tuesday night’s Seattle Mariners game, and it was beyond adorable. The proud parents shared a ton of photos from the game, giving everyone real family envy. 

How perfect are they? 

The whole affair began when Teigen tweeted that she was in Washington state for one of Legend’s shows, and a marketing manager for the team offered the couple tickets to a game. 

Then came the offer to throw the first pitch. The model wasn’t up for the occasion ― apparently she did it once before and was so nervous she almost cried.

She did, however, start training baby Luna for her major league debut.  

It looks like all that practice paid off.

Who knows, maybe Luna Legend will shy away from Hollywood and become the world’s first female Major League Baseball pitcher. She’s already done it once in front of a crowd, and that’s really the hardest part, right? 

Even if she doesn’t get a professional contract out of this, she sure as hell made her parents proud.  

Well done, Luna. 

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