Chrissy Teigen Just Revealed Everything You Want To Know About Celebrities

Making Hollywood a little less mysterious, one tweet at a time.

It’s a well-established fact that Chrissy Teigen is already a great tweeter, but she’s recently taking her skills to a whole new level.

Over the past couple of days, the model and new mom has been answering some pretty candid questions from Twitter users about the daily lives and interactions of celebrities, and well, it’s all quite fascinating. This is what we’ve learned:


Time is money, which is why the biggest perk of being a celeb is never having to wait for anything again.

Celebs use their fame to nab those hard-to-get reservations.

Celebs have to introduce themselves to each other, even if they are a household name like Oprah.

Asking for a phone number is still awkward.

Celebs relish celeb Twitter beefs as much as we do, and message each other about them.

”Have your people call my people” is an actual thing.

Online shopping is a godsend. 

Fake relationships happen, just not as often as we think.

Celebs have their own dating apps.

There’s no need to call the paparazzi if you know where to go. 

Celebs aren’t above saving flattering paparazzi pics in their phones. 

Celebrity babies do not care who they are.

Teigen also answered some personal questions about her own experience as a celebrity. 

She fangirls a bit when someone she likes follows her on Twitter.

And there were a few celebs who left her completely flustered when she met them.

She doesn’t judge celebrities who keep quiet about big issues, because she she says they stand to lose “half their fans” if they speak out. 

She’s heard some great rumors about herself.

Illuminati membership is not a sure thing.



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