Chrissy Teigen Shaves Twice A Day, Doesn't Mind Hairy Men

Why Chrissy Teigen Shaves Twice A Day

Want to look more like Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen? Try shaving your legs twice a day. Every day. We met up with Teigen in New York this week where she let us in on why exactly she feels the need to ("I have to preserve this aura of sexiness at all times," she conceded), her thoughts on hairy men and a somewhat traumatizing hair removal story. More on all that below, and keep scrolling for behind-the-scenes photos of Teigen's birthday party back in December (which includes a ramen-noodle-eating Aziz Ansari).

On shaving for the first time:
"I was probably 12 years old. My parents didn't really notice. They were way more unsupportive with makeup. I used to steal my dad's razor. He would notice then and freak out. But I used men's razors until recently."

On men who manscape:
"I like a man, a real man. We were just discussing in the car today how turned off I am with male models, how they work so hard to make themselves beautiful. I like a 'man' man. I don't mind hair. I don't mind little patches. Poor John! I guess when you love someone you just don't care anymore. 'You're like that's sexy to me now. He doesn't shower, I think it's great.' Same should go for me, but I actually work very hard at it."

On reportedly shaving twice a day. (John Legend's fiancee was recently named the face, er legs of the new Venus & Olay razor and for good reason: The girl knows a thing or two about a close shave.):
"I've shaved twice a day forever. Since the beginning. I shave in the morning. I feel it again if I have an event at night. My hair just grows that fast, and it's thick. Where I don't have hair, it's crazy smooth, but where I do, it's painfully obvious. Maybe it's an Asian skin thing, but it's dottier, it shows up more. I also have very dry skin, so all throughout the day I'm constantly moisturizing. I have to go above and beyond. They are just certain people who are just more dry. I have naturally grey skin. 60 shades. 50 shades? What's the book?"

On her most horrifying hair-removal story:
"I once watched [a photoshopping session] at a shoot. They just zoom in on your bikini line. The whole computer screen is your bikini line. And I've seen people pluck hairs with that little tool. That's the most literal hair removal story. That was the worst. I'm never watching that again. I also videotaped my first bikini wax for Sports Illustrated years ago. Just my face. I was so scared, it was my first year. She was just having a normal conversation with me, and I was trying to just smile. I realized when I get scared, I just go silent. The camera just trembles and falls, and there's dead silence, like in the Blair Witch Project at the end."

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Chrissy Teigen Birthday Photos

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