Chrissy Teigen Couldn’t Get John Legend’s Approval On Baby Name, So She Got Obama's

Never change, Chrissy.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the very definition of #couplegoals, so it only makes sense President Obama would also give them his seal of approval for their future daughter's name. 

The Cravings cookbook author (and mother-to-be) told Stephen Colbert about her hilarious interaction with the POTUS on her Tuesday night "Late Show" appearance. 

"I asked Barack ... " Teigen said, drawing laughter from the host and audience before joking about being on a first-name basis with the prez. "I asked President Obama if he liked one of our name choices, and he said he did. But then I realized, I should’ve come up with two so he can pick one, because, you know, you gotta be nice about it." 

When Colbert questioned having the POTUS pick out their child's name, Teigen explained her reasoning. 

"Yes, I wanted to ask him because John isn’t sold on the name, so I figured if he liked it, John would be sold on it." Teigen told the "Late Show" host. "But he says it's too, um, Hollywood." 

Ah yes, the old "have-the-president-name-your-child" trick! This is, of course, coming from the person who plans to have her husband framed, if she's ever murdered. Again -- for good reason! 

Never change, Chrissy. 



Chrissy Teigen and John Legend