Chrissy Teigen Says What We're All Thinking About This Unlikely Celebrity Couple

She's calling bulls**t on Lowndes and Lovitz.
Chrissy "Tell It Like It Is" Teigen, here to save the damn day. 
Chrissy "Tell It Like It Is" Teigen, here to save the damn day. 

Whether it's dealing with her haters or taking down Donald TrumpChrissy Teigen always speaks the truth.

So of course the "Lip Sync Battle" host had to tell it like it is when she heard that 58-year-old comedian Jon Lovitz and 27-year-old "90210" actress Jessica Lowndes were dating. Teigen immediately called bulls**t and reminded everyone that a certain prank-filled holiday was on the way. 

Lowndes and Lovitz went public (with what looked to be an engagement ring and all!) over the Easter weekend, basically sending the Internet into a state of chaos.

Though we're not sure if the relationship is real, we'll be waiting for a "haha, just kidding" statement from both of their reps on Friday. Jesus, take the wheel. 

UPDATE: Lowndes announced via Instagram on Monday that her "relationship" stunt was part of an April Fools' prank for a music video. 



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